Although our journey as Eurasia Butt started in 2017, our partner Sercan Demir has been making wood and gun butts as a 3rd generation craftsman. We carefully select walnut trees that have fallen due to reduced yield or natural events such as landslides or lightning, according to the needs of gun manufacturers and butt masters from all over Turkey. The trees are first brought to our facility, which is the most equipped in the industry in Turkey, and then classified and prepared as lumber on our high-capacity saws. Our experienced craftsmen cut and shape the lumber, taking into account the tree's moisture, veins, and the anticipated shape of the butt to be mounted on the gun. The drafts are then steamed at high pressure for 24 to 72 hours, considering the color and origin of the trees, with a vigilant team ensuring that the drafts are exposed to neither excessive nor insufficient heat during this process. The steamed drafts are then waxed with melted wax applied to the waterways to prevent cracking and allowed to dry at room temperature. Our Eurasia Butt facility and warehouse have over 100,000 butts aged between 3-5 years ready for sale. As a company principle, we only sell to gun owners (in small quantities), butt masters, and gun manufacturers, and do not supply intermediaries or traders who will buy and sell our products.